Welcome to XR4All development platform documentation!

The XR4Dev common documentation will provide XR4ALL projects with relevant information for implementing DevOps methodology during the development process of an XR solution.

The XR4ALL developemnt platform is based on GitLab. If you are a new user on GitLab, we recommend first to check the GitLab documentation available on the following link: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/intro/.

The XR4ALL GitLab is hosted on European servers, and offers you the features required for code versioning, building, testing, integration and deployement.


Moreover, the XR4ALL development platform offers a set of tools dedicated to XR solution development such as continuous integration for Unity, CI runners, repository to host your binaries, scripts and templates to create a developer documentation, etc.

The XR4ALL team is there for helping you, but you are welcome to contribute and share your knowledge with the XR4ALL developers' community. To do so, feel free to contribute to the common project and its documentation.

if you have any question or request related to the X4ALL development platform, please send a mail to dev@xr4all.eu.